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  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Zero's Missions

    Once you've completed the “Wear Flowers in Your Hair” mission in CJ's mission line, Zero will phone you; his landlord is reclaiming his electronics store in Garcia, Zero RC. If you purchase the lot, you can then accept a couple of missions from Zero. At $30,000, the place comes with a hefty price tag. These missions are completely optional though, so you can move through San Fierro without completing them.

    Zero RC

    Mission 1: Air Raid

    Berkley, Zero's arch-nemesis, has deployed a flight of RC Barons and is dead-set on shutting down the transmitters on the roof of Zero RC. Using the gun emplacement, you are to shoot down the Barons before they destroy the transmitters. The meter in the top-right quarter of the screen represents the transmitters' joint signal strength. The meter will fall if a transmitter is destroyed, and if the meter empties completely, its mission failed. You must fight off the planes for two minutes with at least one of the transmitters still standing. It's best to attempt this mission during the day because it can be hard to spot the RC Barons in the night sky. Keep an eye on your radar for incoming planes, set the mini-gun in their path and fire away. It doesn't take much to bring one down, but as time goes by the planes will start coming in groups.


    This mission can be a bit tough, but it's nothing compared to the mission that follows…

    Mission 2: Supply Lines…

    This is a difficult one, considered by many to be the toughest mission in the game. Luckily it's optional, so you can skip it if proves to be too much of a bother. Apparently the difficulty of this mission was toned down for the Greatest Hits version of San Andreas, so count yourself lucky if you're playing that one. Using the RC Baron, you must eliminate all five of Berkley's couriers before they complete their deliveries, or before the RC plane runs out of fuel. Three of the couriers are in vans, one is on a bicycle and the other is on a motorbike. The fuel meter in the top-right quarter of the screen will decrease as time goes by, so you must eliminate all of the couriers and return to the rooftop of Zero RC before it's depleted. Completing this mission will require practice, a bit of luck, and plenty of patience.

    The key to success here is practice. You must be able to pilot the RC Baron, which may take a few runs through the mission. If you wish, ignore the couriers and instead practice controlling the Baron, putting particular emphasis on swooping down and perhaps targeting pedestrian vehicles with the plane's machine gun. Luckily, since your life is not in immediate danger during this mission, in the event of a mission failure you can simply step back into the red marker outside of Zero RC without having to travel back there.

    RC Baron

    Once you feel you have the controls down pat, attempt the mission with the intent of completing it. There are two couriers nearby at the start; one in a van and the other on a bicycle. While the absence of a target marker suggests no auto-aim, the machine gun seems to target the couriers as long as the RC Baron is facing towards them. Target the van first; swoop down and hit it with gunfire, this driver should get out once the van has been hit, allowing you to gun him down. Afterwards, swoop around and go for the courier on the bicycle. He is easy enough to take out; just swoop towards him and fire away.

    That's two down, three to go. That leaves two vans and the motorbike. The order in which you go for the remaining targets is up to you, but be aware that you will have to actually destroy the other vans, as the drivers won't flee from them. The final three targets are particularly difficult to take down in that they will fire at the RC Baron, which cannot sustain very much damage at all. For this reason, when targeting one of the vans, avoid flying near the passenger's side. The machine gun can destroy the vans fairly easily, so fly off as soon as you spot the van on fire. The motorbike courier will shoot at you also, so fly high for the approach and swoop in for a quick kill. When all five of Berkley's couriers have been dealt with, make a beeline for the Zero RC building. Land on the red marker to complete the mission.

    Red Marker

    Mission 3: New Model Army

    Help Zero's RC Bandit reach Berkley's encampment before the time runs out to complete this mission. You are controlling the RC Goblin helicopter; using the magnet attached to it, you'll have to move steel barrels out of Zero's path, place planks over gaps, and destroy Berkley's RC Tigers. Berkley's own RC Goblin will be drop steel barrels along the route to his encampment to impede the Bandit's progress, so scan the path ahead and clear the way as soon as possible. You'll have to return to Zero's base to fetch planks when the Bandit reaches a river. Just carry the plank over to the gap and drop it down. Don't fuss too much over the placement, as it will automatically set itself in place.


    RC Goblin

    Berkley has set up three RC Tiger tanks near his encampment that can damage Zero's Bandit. Drop the bomb in Zero's base onto one of the tanks; you'll have to drop steel barrels to destroy the other two. Zero has three RC Bandits in stock, so if one is destroyed he can send out another. However try your hardest to clear out the three RC Tigers before they can destroy Zero's initial Bandit, otherwise you will have to follow the new Bandit along the entire path again. The mission is complete once the Bandit reaches Berkley's camp.


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    GTA San Andreas - Zero RC - Asset Mission #03 - New Model Army

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    Зеро (англ. Zero) — второстепенный персонаж в игре GTA San Andreas, 29-летний опытный электронщик, увлечённый электроникой и управляющий магазином электроники в Сан Фиерро, который по сюжету покупает Карл.

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    Mission 3: New Model Army. Help Zero's RC Bandit reach Berkley's encampment before the time runs out to complete this mission.  Jump Back to the Top of the Guide and Table of Contents. Popular Games. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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    GTA: San Andreas Zero Missions Zero Missions Air Raid Difficulty: You must purchase Zero's business before you can do these missions.  Make sure you don't shoot Zero or it's Mission Failed.

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    На момент действия GTA San Andreas парню по имени Зеро двадцать восемь лет, он носит очки и увлекается электроникой. А еще у него есть магазин Zero RC. Его бизнес не очень удачен, у него ест.